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the differences between the accounts
How many questions can be added? 3
How many similar questions (training phrases) can be added per question? 10
training phrases
training phrases
How many simultaneous conversations can you have per minute? 15
simultaneous conversations
simultaneous conversations
What is the maximum response time of support? 72
working hours
working hours
Access to the client portal to manage the account?
Is there instant access to improvements and new features?
common to both accounts
No commitments
Everything works without code (we are no-code)
It works with artificial intelligence
You can install your chatbot on your own website
You can check the metrics of your chatbot in real time (number of conversations, recorded errors, most popular questions...)
You can review all the conversations that your chatbot has had in real time
A personalized web page for your project (landing page)
Videos, images and links can be added to responses
Third party integrations can be added to responses (eg Calendly to book appointments, Typeform to collect data, Stripe to collect payments... )
You can change the colors and images of the widget of the chatbot (what your clients will see)
The number of conversations that can be held is not limited per day or per month
Multiple possible answers can be added to the same question to make the chatbot sounds more natural
Responses can be broken into multiple bubbles to make the chatbot sounds more natural
Questions can be disabled and enabled
The chatbot interface (widget) has advanced features (dark mode; font size,full screen; restart; chatbot...)
Clickable buttons/links can be installed on your own web page to interact with your chatbot
You can give your customers the option to follow the conversation on WhatsApp with a human agent
latest super news
Being able to interact with the chatbot through the voice (voicebot)
Collection of client contact details by default
Geographic location of your customers
monthly 0 € 14.95 € /month + 21% VAT
(per year would cost 179.4€ + VAT)
annual 119.95 € /year + 21% VAT
(per month would only cost 9.99€ + VAT)
one-off payment 445.95 € + 21% VAT
(pay once, forget about renewals and subscriptions, and you will always be up to date)

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we monitor and train your chatbot. In addition, we periodically send you reports

tailored chatbot solutions (eg. on whatsapp, in a switchboard, connection to CRM and databases, scripts...)

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