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We are committed to improve the communication of non-profit organizations and help them achieve their goals

How to get a free chatbot for your charity?

open a free account (it only takes a few seconds)

write to us at and provide some type of documentation that identifies your organization/association/foundation as a non-profit entity

In a maximum of 24 working hours, you will have your account validated, which will allow you to:

have a Starter chatbot for free

have dedicated support

request your volunteer in a chatbot format

Chat Ergo Bot is the most intuitive chatbot builder for nonprofits on the market find out why we are what we are

Why should you have a chatbot in your NGO?

to save 30% in operational costs
to reduce phone calls by 70%
to increase donations by 69%
to better communicate
to serve many users at the same time
to always be available (24/7)

shall we start?

Want to know why our chatbots are the best ones for your charity?

look at our homepage, from top to bottom

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Chat Ergo Bot was selected by Lanzadera in January 2023
Chat Ergo Bot won the 75th edition of the mentorDay acceleration program
Chat Ergo Bot is part of the Miguel Hernández University Science Park through the To Do Net program
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Chat Ergo Bot is part of Startup Valencia

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