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What can a chatbot do for your company?

a chatbot can talk to hundreds of clients and users at the same time

a chatbot can book appointments and collect payments in the evenings, on holidays, at weekends (24/7)

a chatbot can free your team from answering the same old questions, over and over again, even after hours

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In numbers, a chatbot helps

save 30% on operating costs
reduce phone calls by 70%
increase sales by 69%
to be available 100% of the time
sell more, cut costs

Chat Ergo Bot's chatbots are

the fastest to build
(it will only take you 1 minute to have your chatbot ready)

the most intuitive to manage
(designed for those who do not know what a chatbot is or what artificial intelligence is, but who can benefit from this type of solution --> we are no-code)

the easiest to train
(That is right, our chatbots work with artificial intelligence to process and understand natural language)

the most affordable
(from €0 you will have your chatbot. Anyway, our paid choices cost less than a daily coffee)

the most inclusive and talkative
(the only ones that interact with voice by default --> our chatbots are also voicebots)

those that add most value
(review of conversations, user's geographical location, redirection to whatsapp, integration with calendly, stripe, square, typeform...)

the ones that evolve the fastest
(ongoing improvement thanks to our users' feedback)

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Chat Ergo Bot improves and automates customer service for small and medium-sized businesses with the easiest-to-use conversational chatbots.

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