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Why Chat Ergo Bot?


Fed up with chatbots that just don't understand? Our chatbots get it right out of the box

With Chat Ergo Bot's automatic machine learning, you'll experience accurate and coherent responses without any hassle.

Your chatbot is always eager to learn!


Not sure what your chatbot should say? Let your website speak for itself

Turn your site into an instant chatbot and bring your pages to life.

Enhance your users' experience with amazing interactions!

For Everyone

Worried about the complexity of managing a chatbot? It couldn't be simpler

Our platform is easy to implement and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Join without needing to be a tech expert!

What can a chatbot do for your company?

a chatbot can talk to hundreds of clients and users at the same time

a chatbot can book appointments and collect payments in the evenings, on holidays, at weekends (24/7)

a chatbot can free your team from answering the same old questions, over and over again, even after hours

get your own chatbot

Chat Ergo Bot is the most user-friendly chatbot builder on the market Try it now, it's free!

In numbers, a chatbot helps

to save 30% on operating costs
to reduce phone calls by 70%
to increase sales by 69%
to be available 100% of the time (24/7)

sell more, cut costs

Chat Ergo Bot's chatbots are

the fastest to build
(it will only take you 1 minute to have your chatbot ready)

the most intuitive to manage
(designed for those who do not know what a chatbot is or what artificial intelligence is, but who can benefit from this type of solution --> we are no-code)

the easiest to train
(No need for training because it's automatic!)

the most affordable
(from €0 you can have your chatbot. Anyway, our paid choices cost less than a daily coffee)

the most inclusive and talkative
( accessible chatbots that interact with voice by default --> our chatbots are also voicebots )

the most sustainable and eco-friendly
(they run on 100% green renewable energy and they are highly energy efficient)

those that add most value
( useful features : review of conversations; user's geographical location; lead capture; redirection to whatsapp; integration with calendly, square, stripe, typeform...)

the ones that evolve the fastest
(ongoing improvement thanks to our users and partners ' feedback)

don't stay behind

trusted by businesses around the world

La Siesta Tech
Chat Ergo Bot has won the SODEINT Gold Award
Bonworking is a client of Chat Ergo Bot
Madercás is a client of Chat Ergo Bot

Emily Davis

Founder and CEO at Artisan Bakery Co.

"Thanks to the chatbot, our customers are getting prompt and accurate assistance from Artisan Bakery Co. even when I'm away from the office. As the Founder and CEO, it gives me the freedom to disconnect from work and have peace of mind knowing that our visitors are always well taken care of."

David Lee

Director of Customer Service at QuickFix Tech Support

"As the Director of Customer Service at QuickFix Tech Support, I was impressed with how seamless it was to integrate our chatbot into our website. With just one click, our clients can easily find the support they need, resulting in a better user experience and higher customer satisfaction."

Michelle Chen

Vice President of Marketing at Skyline Hospitality Group

"I can attest to the positive impact our conversational chatbot has had on our customer engagement. Its accessibility and ease of use make it an ideal solution for businesses of all types, and its integration has been seamless thanks to the simple one-click setup."

What do our chatbots look like on the inside?

covered by media

With you, with your company

We automate your customer service with our chatbots, but we are made of flesh and blood

Our clients highlight our support and professionalism (they are also very happy to be with us)

meet us

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Chat Ergo Bot was selected by Lanzadera in January 2023
Chat Ergo Bot won the 75th edition of the mentorDay acceleration program
Chat Ergo Bot is part of the Miguel Hernández University Science Park through the To Do Net program
Chat Ergo Bot is part of Startup Valencia
Chat Ergo Bot is part of AchoValley
Chat Ergo Bot is part of Startup Valencia

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