Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Chatbots

We believe that technology should always be sustainable, inclusive and universal

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Why are our chatbots the most sustainable?

our servers use 100% green renewable energy

dark mode for energy saving and eye care

we use the latest technological versions that are efficient in energy consumption

font-size can be changed to make them more accessible

our chatbots are inclusive: they can read, write, listen and speak (voicebots)

full free vision for nonprofits

aligned with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

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Why Chat Ergo Bot?


Fed up with chatbots that just don't understand? Our chatbots get it right out of the box

With Chat Ergo Bot's automatic machine learning, you'll experience accurate and coherent responses without any hassle.

Your chatbot is always eager to learn!


Not sure what your chatbot should say? Let your website speak for itself

Turn your site into an instant chatbot and bring your pages to life.

Enhance your users' experience with amazing interactions!

For Everyone

Worried about the complexity of managing a chatbot? It couldn't be simpler

Our platform is easy to implement and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Join without needing to be a tech expert!

Chat Ergo Bot is the most eco-friendly chatbot builder on the market get your sustainable chatbot

Want to know why our green chatbots are the best ones for your company?

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Chat Ergo Bot was selected by Lanzadera in January 2023
Chat Ergo Bot won the 75th edition of the mentorDay acceleration program
Chat Ergo Bot is part of the Miguel Hernández University Science Park through the To Do Net program
Chat Ergo Bot is part of Startup Valencia
Chat Ergo Bot is part of AchoValley
Chat Ergo Bot is part of Startup Valencia

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Chat Ergo Bot's instant web-to-conversational chatbot converter, coupled with automatic training, simplifies customer service for small and medium-sized businesses with the easiest-to-use platform available

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