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How to become an official Ergo Partner?

install our infinite chatbot in 3 of your clients

write to us at and tell us you want to be a member of our partner program

In a maximum of 24 working hours, you will have your account validated, which will allow you to:

have your own infinite chatbot on your website for free

earn recurring commissions by recommending/installing our chatbots

have dedicated support

display our partner certification both on your website and in your communications

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Why should you offer our chatbots to your clients?

you offer more value to your customers
you can easily differentiate yourself from your competition
you position yourself as an innovator in the eyes of your clients
you open up a new revenue stream
you are easily recognized as an expert in chatbots and artificial intelligence, now that few professionals and agencies offer AI chatbots
your clients will fall in love with our/your chatbots
shall we start with your first client?

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Chat Ergo Bot was finalist of AchoValley's II AchoBooster
Chat Ergo Bot has won the SODEINT Gold Award
Bonworking is a client of Chat Ergo Bot
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